Bones, State of the Union and Afghanistan

I love the TV show Bones. I’m currently watching the show. The case is involves a victim of September 11th. Doesn’t matter what, anytime, 9/11 is mentioned in a show or a book, I still get chills. I remember watching the towers fall. I remember my Dad going into work. (We were military.) I remember being so scared, but, going to school anyways and telling everyone about it.

I was in English class when the towers finally fell. I didn’t cry. We were a class of military brats. When those towers fell we all knew that nothing was ever going to be the same again. We invaded Afghanistan a few days later. With no exit strategy. We are still there. Friends have died there. In the State of the Union, President Obama had a guest of honor. A veteran of the Afghanistan war. He was on his 10 deployment when his truck hit an IED. 10 deployments. 10 Goddamn deployments only to have his buddies find him face down in a canal. That is roughly one deployment a year. A war that started 13 years ago, ruined so many lives. Image

Matt Kuglics was 25 when he died in 2007. I remember the day he died. I kept telling everyone at work that something was wrong. I couldn’t decide what it was, but I knew. Matt was a funny kid. He was a great kid. We met when he came over for dinner. Blonde hair, cute face, he was polite and funny. He was blown up in his truck two miles away from base in Iraq. Dead at 25.

ImageDavid Brodeur has a wife and two kids. He was killed in Afghanistan on April 27 when an Afghan pilot opened fire at Kabul International Airport, after an argument. Shot to death. He was a great dad. He was funny, he adored his wife. Dead.

I listened to the President talk about Cory Remsburg and his 10 deployments, my heart broke. Broke for all that he lost, what we all have lost. As for the State of the Union, what I wanted to hear in the speech was we had a way out. What I want is for my friends to stop dying for a war that was not thought through.  I want a lot of things. I want to go back to that little girl that watched the towers fall and tell her it’s ok. I want to go back to months after the attacks and tell her that when I looked out windows that planes weren’t going to come through them. I had nightmares. One day we won’t be in Afghanistan. I can only pray that day is very soon. I will never however, forget these men, nor will I forget how I felt the day I found out they died, nor how I felt 9/11. When shows use it as a plot device, I will always get goosebumps.

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