Scam Days

We went to Florida for Spring Break. It was a wonderful break. We got in about 9am ansquishd the Baby Blondes weren’t up yet. They proceeded to not be up for another two hours after we arrived. First up was Rykard. Sweet, Sleepy Baby Blonde. He gave me a huge hug. Until he saw his Jacob. I ceased to exist.

Few minutes later Marc, Middle Blonde awoke. I got a hug, awkward because he’s 12 and about 2 inches taller than I am. Again I ceased to exist when he saw Jacob. MarcI’m ok with this because these boys worship Jake and the sand he walks on. They are part of the reason we are moving to Florida. They need their brother. Marc especially is coming into his teen years and he needs someone to help with that transition. Jake and I both wish we had an elder sibling to help.

We talked about them having a relationship with us. They need to know us. Know we are going to be present in their lives. Solid base. We took them each for a day. A “Scam Day”. With Rykard we went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Where Winter’s Tale was filmed. Marc we went to Busch Gardens.

With Rykard, Jake and I weren’t really prepared. I stepped into the Mom role, by packing everything up. Everything meaning snacks, water, sunscreen, you know essentials. PROBLEM: Rykard is six. Six whole years old, Jake and I totally spaced this fact. The problem you ask… well part of our plan that day was to go to the beach. Didn’t grab towels, I grabbed a swim suit, Jake did as well. No one thought about double checking Rykard has one or a towel.

Rykard explained, “Well, Mom usually packs all that.”

Oops well scratch that from part of the day. The Aquarium was sad. Beautiful, but, sad. It use to be a Marine Hospital. All the animals there aren’t healthy enough to survive in the wild so they keep them there. Winter the Dolphin lost her tale as a baby to a lobster trap. There were turtles that had birth defects, otters that were paralyzed. It was sad, but, they all seemed happy.


After we toured the exhibits, Jake and I exchanged a few sad glances while Ry gleeful explained how Stingrays feel. Boys all about that tactual learning. After the boat ride and many shells we were on our way for food. Baby Blonde passed out in the car. Which Jake and I were hoping for. He’s six, he needs a nap. Jake and I also needed some adult conversation. Which really means we were swearing at traffic and laughing over how a woman thought we were the parents of Ry. This brunette pushing out a blonde hair, blue eyed baby? I think NOT. We ended the day at a knock off Dave and Busters. The kid never had so much. He also got 1,500 tickets which he got in candy. It was a brilliant day.

Next day was Marc’s scam day. Busch Gardens here we come! Everything packed. We banned technology. We wanted Marc to have conversations with us. Really open up to us and not be levels deep in some game. He brought two books and used the one book to quiz us on our gun knowledge. We all learned a lot.


  •  Jake & I are actually well versed in guns
  • Middle Blonde is liberal with his points
  • Jake has to turn at least 3 streets before.
  • Jake and I have VERY different definitions of what “a little wet” means.

Side stepping drama at the gate, (it was inferred that I was Marc’s Mom. Do I look that old?) we hit the sky ride to the top part of the park where we decided to ride some rides. No problems right? Our first was a big scary one.

Sheikra was  first time on a roller coaster since 1999 when I was 10 at Disneyland. Let me tell you house that was terrifyingly awesome! How I screamed, thought I was going to die and wanted to do it all over again. Marc the “Zen Master” on the rides.

“Well we come here all the time.” Marc replied while Jake and I were attempting to catch our breaths.

We all felt a little dizzy, unbalanced and eager after that. Water rides ruined my make up, I was ok with this, but I was soaked all the way through. Jake has a very different idea of what “a little wet means”.

“What? I told you that it was more than possible you were gunna get a little wet” He tried to explain to a soaking wet me. He bought me a beer after that. Who knew you could buy beer in a theme park. I didn’t. That’s how to do theme parks.

Enjoying the hell out of each others company, we talked. No games, no technology, It was fabulous. We just talked. He didn’t stop talking to us even while we were at the D&B knockoff we went to the day before. Dinner was upon us and sushi was the answer. Problem: Make sure all those dining know how to use chopsticks. Once we were home with our spoils, we collapsed. Those kids wore us out.

Apparently, the Saturday after we left, the boys slept all day. Which means as a Big Siblings we kicked ass at our job. Best job ever.


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