Denali and I

I’ve stated before that I love Alaska. Which is such a change from  years ago when I couldn’t leave fast enough. I love this state. I love the mountains, I love looking out and seeing those peaks rising from the earth. Fourth of July weekend I got off work on Thursday and Jake had cleaned the car. So we were there with roses and coffee saying, “Meh fuck it, the truck is clean lets go to Denali.”


He bought me coffee too!
He bought me coffee too!

Packed up the truck and off we went! VROOOM. (Ok first we filled up the truck)

I trailed a semi going 75 mph and I just trailed him and I got the best gas mileage I have ever gotten…. I drive a big expedition this is a huge deal. 109 miles and only used 1/4 tank of gas. Oh it was glorious!

We parked in front of our favorite brewery 49th State and behold it was beautiful night. Finally, a break from all the rain. It was beautiful.

We laid down the back seats in the truck laid out the mattress pad and made camp. By that I mean we locked the doors and went to eat. I don’t do tent camping. After a disasterous camping trip with my family we decided we “camp” at the Motel 8. I’ll tell that story some other time, for now let’s put a tl;dr as: Dad shouldn’t plan and pack with out help.

Back to the truck, as we were walking away I turned and it was the most majestic photograph. The “sunset” the moment everything was perfect. Denali was out in full force and she was stunning. There is nothing quite like her. It was as close to a perfect moment I’ll ever get. Until the next day when we took the bus trip into the park. That was the most perfect day. Adventures, Jacob… everything I need in a weekend.


I miss home.

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