Our fridge is white. It’s not coming with us to Florida. It’s UAF’s fridge, but, we have made it ours. There are pictures on it, notes, bills to pay, spices on top in a spindle, there are mementos of a life lived together and apart. We have food to nourish our voracious appetite for good food and entertaining. It’s the photos on the fridge, not the schedule and to do lists, that show the life lived here. As we start to close out our life here, tallying what to sell the more I realize how I cling to photos.

Photographer and writer by trade and degree, this is what I have always wanted to do. I developed a love for photography early on in life. I used up what I had in nickles and dimes to get my film developed. Because I’m old enough to have had film cameras for more of my life than digital. I love capturing moments that will be put on a fridge somewhere. Happy moments with sad context, pure happiness, graduation announcements, all of it. I love all the stories being told and not being told in any given photo.

I love looking at photos of Jake and seeing his smile radiate through his eyes, also his very perfect white, straight teeth aren’t bad to look at either. I love seeing him in his uniform, seeing the pride. I love seeing my Mom and Dad so happy after 25 years together. I love all these pictures.

In my house everything happened in the kitchen. Good news, bad news, everything. That’s why I adore the kitchen so much. That and that’s where the cookies & ice cream is! I can’t wait to great new memories this summer to fill our fridge in Florida with good Alaskan Salmon and on the outside fill it with pictures of a life well lived.


I graduated. Finally did it. I DID IT! I’m so proud of myself for it. Now begins the hope that someone will hire me. I’m still unsure about what I want to do. I have no idea what I’m suppose to do, what I’m meant to do. Just do in general. Currently, I’d like to be on a beach somewhere.

I’d like to do something that involves the military. That’s been my whole life and I’d like to continue being apart of that community. I think I found a job in Tampa that I desperately want. It is a job at the Wounded Warrior Project. I found it accidentally while search online and I believe I have found the job. THE JOB that I could be amazing at.

I have this awful, awful, habit of getting down on myself. So job searching makes me break into tears something fierce. All I see is my beautiful college degree being utterly worthless. It can be horribly heartbreaking. (I cry a lot because I’m a big baby. Wine and chocolate helps job searching.) I love my degree and what I got my degree in. I think it’s valuable, just sometimes I get down on myself.

I applied for the job and I’m waiting to hear back. I’m also looking at other jobs. Not pinning all my hopes on this job. As much as I want it. Such is the life of job searching.

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