Hawaii Blues

I miss Hawaii. I was there for a week last year and I’m quite sure everyone is quite done with me talking about it. Today we have freezing rain making the roads slick as shit. I’m debating making my house into a mini-Hawaii. Palm Trees, turning up the heat so I can wear my bikini. I miss the fresh smells of pineapple and the salt air. The stunning colors of the sunset and the flowers. It rivaled Alaskan summers. I adore both, but, I cant wait to live there one day.

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Let’s Not Be Dicks

Hurt. Devastation. destruction. This week has sucked. Between Texas tonight and Boston on Monday. It is just heart breaking. Humanity sucks. Humanity also is kind. During these moments of extreme sadness, there is healing in giving. The runners who ran to give blood, all the first responders who did their jobs.

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This is Cats

So I sit here on my own couch, with a glass of scotch, contemplating getting a cat. I’ve always been slightly terrified of commitment. I mean, let me back up a step. I’ve always been scared of things and people depending on me. It comes from a fear of not being enough. Not being there when needed the most, not being able to keep my commitments, again, not
being enough. It stems from my own insecurities.

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So the new “Something to be Determined” page now includes wedding information for all guests. It will also start showcasing art projects I’m working on. Along with different things I’ve written, or photographs I’ve taken. As soon as I can I’ll start putting up pictures along with the option to buy prints. Maybe I’ll start offering a recipes as well. I mean this blog is basically a free for all. Kinda like my mind.

It’s going to start getting hectic soon with seven months to go until the big day (the wedding). So this will be a way to keep everyone connected with the wedding and updates about us.

Ciao for now.

En mi madre’s cocina– Tales of an Inexperienced Baker.

Thanksgiving was yesterday and thankfully we weren’t in a storm warning and I got to spend it with 29 close family and friends. That’s 29 people in our new house, eating, drinking and watching 3 different football games. You know the usual. Yesterday morning I got up to the smell coffee and cinnamon rolls. (Personally my favorite tradition). I was immediately drafted into helping in the kitchen.

It’s the the same every year, you see en mi madre’s cocina (In my Mom’s kitchen), there is a lot of drama. All those utensils clinging, the water sloshing in the sink, the heat of the oven and the sizzle of the food on the stove, it’s a busy place. My Mom is an amazing cook, but she still manages to stress over the fact that she wont’ have any food. Anyone who has been to a part at our house knows there is enough food for a metric ton of leftovers. You give this woman a piece of bread and a piece of cheese and she can feed a football team, it’s quite amazing.

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Why My Barbies had G.I Joes.

This post I dedicate to Matt Kuglics and to all the soldiers that never made it home.

“We few we band of brothers… and those men afraid to go will think themselves lesser men as they hear of how we fought and died together” Henry the V-Shakespeare.

I’ve never been to war. I’ve never been shot at, I’ve never been in a firefight, never had anything blown up as I drove by. What I have done is wait for uniforms at my door and a phone call no one ever wants.

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It’s a Woman’s Illness

The color pink is all over the place. It’s pink, pink, pink all the time. Why? It’s breast cancer awareness month. Everyone from Ochocinco and the NFL and all over. Not long ago breast cancer wasn’t something that was talked about. Women got sent away from everything to have treatment for “a Woman’s Illness”. In the book The Friday Night Knitting Club, which I recommend to everyone; Anita one of the characters mentioned that her Mother was sent away for “a woman’s illness” because no one back then talked about breast cancer. It’s a bit ridiculous to call it “a woman’s illness” because:

Raise your hand if you have mammary glands. Ok good put them down. True it’s predominately a “woman’s illness”, it affects men too. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2006

– 191,410 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.
– 40,820 women died from breast cancer.

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Men, Boys and What it means…

I love movies. They have that fantasy we all crave. John Wayne explaining that “courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. I had this sticker that once said I talk in movie quotes. What I learned as a kid I learned yes from my parents, but, I learned more from movies.

What I learned:

Light sabers will cut off your hand avoid at all costs!
That Sam will always “play it again”
Hollywood has no idea how history actually went down
John Wayne is God
No matter how old I get my heart still races when the good guy and the bad guy get in a fight and when the good guy wins and kisses the girl
First rule about any fight club is you don’t talk about fight club
Also that if it’s your first night you will fight

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Love, Kevlar and Journalism- The Thin Red Heart Line

I had another blog post set up for today something light, funny dating and being a sports reporter. How sometimes knowing everything about batting averages or how crappy your date’s receiver is isn’t exactly the best thing to bring up. Don’t be a walking know it all.

But something in class made me change my mind. Keeping in the love/relationship that I had planned on writing on, in class I asked, “You don’t have to answer this it’s kinda personal, but being a journalist especially a war correspondent how does that effect your relationships?”

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Why I Bought Myself a Diamond Ring.

There is this notion in the great wide world that in order to have diamonds you have to have a man buy them for you. I’ve always wanted a diamond ring. I’ve been able to afford to buy one for myself for a while and it’s something that I can mark off my list of to do before I die. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for myself since I’m not waiting around on a man to buy me a diamond, when I can buy it myself.

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