I Wear Perfume to the Gun Range

My Mother always said, “Everyone has a gift.” I never really thought writing was my gift. I mean anyone can make a sentence. Turns out that I do have a skill I’m a pretty decent shot. We went to the outdoor range twice a few weekends ago. I loved it. I wore my bright pink tank top and adorable shorts and my Tevas. It was sunny, slight breeze, with the smell of hot lead being pumped down range.

Oh it was amazing.

Now here’s the thing… sometimes the range is iffy. Real gung-ho types and I’m not about that. I wanna go to the range and not get ogled I just want to send led down range, you know blow up some cans. I feel more comfortable with the old Alaskan types than the younger guys there. I wouldn’t ever go with out Jake, but, we have a great time when we go to the outdoor range.I love to go to the range. Even when I can’t shoot anymore I enjoy watching Jake shoot.

Alaskan girls are a different breed. We wear our plaid shirts un-ironically, we wear Carhartts, no one really cares here if you shave. In the middle of winter when its -40 and you live in a dry cabin seriously no one gives a shit. I adore this. I love this. One thing that we do however is wear our pretty necklaces and wear perfume to the range. I’m not the only girl to do this. I have seen quite a few women at the range and we smile and wave in camaraderie and I detect notes of perfume. (My favorite is: Very Irresistible by Givenchy)

It’s something that makes me grin. No matter how rough and tumble we are we still enjoy those something very girly. I love this place.

On that note I’m going to put the scope on my rifle. Range date today.