Rainy Days & Sunshine

“Where you going baby car?! I wanna follow you and find out what type of person drives you.” Jake shouted to a Smart Car. He has a strange obsession with Smart Cars.

This began our first day alone in Tampa. Little white car, Frozen playing on the radio, and a rain storm. Lets talk about a few things first:

  • Jake and I travel well together
  • A little rain means something different to people
  • Old Book Stores and wine help bad moods

Singing on our way to Tampa, getting passed by cars going 6 billion miles an hour. No big deal. We were having fun.

Parking in a big city is a nightmare. I though Anchorage was bad, GOOD HEAVENS, with the honking too, Tampa sucked. Till we found a nice parking garage. That’s when the wind picked up.

Oh did it pick up. Did you know that even the locals were calling it hurricane weather. Obviously, I had to go outside because there was lighting and thunder and I was giddy. wet stairs

We were downtown Tampa we weren’t seeing very many tourist spots, most everything was closed. I mean it seems Florida shuts down on Monday. After wandering around we found a very nice wine bar, whereupon we discovered the various rules of alcohol licensure. (apparently, it’s a separate license to sell wine, who knew?)

We walked around, again I should mention that it’s pouring, all I have on is a running jacket; we are soaked. We found the Photography Museum…closed, because it’s Monday. (disclosure: everything closes at 5pm as well.) Finally, as I was starting to get fed up and annoyed, we found coffee and an old book shop.

Jake and I are huge readers. We have more books than anything else in this world. We love the written word so walking into this shop was amazing. You could smell the old book smell. The dust, musty vanilla, hints of coffee, it was beautiful. So many books, not enough time to intake all the knowledge that is bound in leather covers.

A book store (and getting out of the rain) really puts me in a great mood. There isn’t much about a book store that doesn’t lift my spirits. I actually walked out with out a book, but, just being there was wonderful. Finally, we went towards home and the shopping center. Mama wanted more Victoria’s Secret!  (I should mention the clothes I brought on the trip didn’t fit at all so I HAD to get new ones.)

DSC_0031Dinner at home, a nice evening on the Florida Lanai with his parents telling stories was a fitting end to the day that was mired in rain and closed museums.



Things we learned:

Jake’s idea of a little rain isn’t a little. It’s a downpour. The more you know.